Friday 30 August 2013

List Management Services- It does make a difference

Keeping your data in tip top condition is a lost thought among most email marketers. It goes like this. Email campaign? Buy list, use list, end of story. REPEAT.

Managing, updating and cleansing your list is a very important process dear folks. It does save you a ton of money and allows your list to get better in time, and not the other way round.

Here’s a list of what you need to do when you are thinking of list management services, and it is always wiser to use a combination of these for maximum effect.
  1. APPENDING - Add email addresses, SIC, Industry Code, annual revenue, no. of employees etc.
  2. CLEANSING - Records verified through an automated and manual process. Removing discrepancies like salutation, spelling, formatting, and repeated records
  3. SEGMENTATION - Get a database loaded with targeted leads based on your customer profile
  4. VERIFICATION - Validate each and every data through email and telephone to make your list more productive

    WebmailingLists offers these services and you can contact us via the form provided to get a quote.

Happy Email Marketing!
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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Technology lists- Sell to the right prospect

WebmailingLists offers some of the most exclusive, highly refined and definite technology lists in the market today. These lists are segmented, verified and ready to use. These lists are pre-qualified so it enables you to reach the right contact every time.
Here is a list of the some of the various technology lists we have for you.
  1. ERP List
  2. SAP Lists
  3. JD Edwards List
  4. Oracle List
  5. PeopleSoft List
  6. Siebel List

A breakdown of why you should get these lists
  1. Accurate and contain contact details and personal information of technical professionals
  2. Verified by in-house data experts with each technical professional
  3. Updates include changes in job, industry, profile etc.
  4. Categorized into specific sub-categories within the main domain

Call us now or fill up the form to contact us and we will give you a data card set for your reference. 

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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Don't let your emails BOUNCE

Emails which are returned undelivered are called bounces. It can affect your IP and sender reputation immensely, so much that when it reaches a certain amount, your account can be banned!
How does one navigate this tricky issue? Listed below are some key pointers on how to weed out the errors causing bounces.

 Do not have invalid email addresses in your lists. They are parasites that infect your email campaigns.

 Do not allow any formatting errors in your emails such as invalid email addresses, typos in domain names, and so on.

 The @ sign is the symbol of email and believe it or not, it is frequently replaced by the number 2 or just plain missing!

 ESPs provide granular delivery reports. Please request for one and make sure you go through it, inside out.

 Send welcome emails to all the email addresses to track if they exist. This is by far, the best method of confirmation.

 Test the heck out of your list. It doesn't hurt to recheck, you would rather be safe than sorry. 

 Set a bounce threshold, below the threshold of your ISP. Then you can act before its too late.

 Track your delivery reports based on various criteria such as domain names, email addresses, time of sending and so on. If you see a negative pattern, hit the panic button!

 Regular updates ensure your list is clean and ready for work.

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Data Analytics That Give You the Edge

Knowing your data, inside out is not an easy task. It requires a certain amount of labor, expertise and knowledge. If you are looking to gain from your data, you really need to know what your data is like. Here are 3 points which you have to keep in mind while looking for data analytics services.
·         Help in cleansing, understanding and modeling data as per requirement.
·         Get a clear picture of what type of data is available allowing for quick decision making.

·         Data mining; a major step, allows for updating existing data.

Use the data analytic s that are offered by WebmailingLists to gain significantly in your email campaigns. Call or mail us, or just fill out the form on the right. We will be glad to help you. 

Friday 16 August 2013

Marketing Services- Sales Ain’t Gonna Work Without It

Marketing and sales are strange bed fellows. One cannot do without the other and yet they are always cribbing about the other. Without proper marketing, a sale does not happen. Period. Lead generation is the process of collecting leads through whatever means and then leading them through a sales funnel, finally ending up in sales.

Today, marketing has advanced to a futuristic level indeed. Marketing automation was a fantasy just a couple of year’s back, today it is an indispensable element of marketing. There are a whole host of marketing services that ensure that your lead generation is able to feed the insatiable appetite of sales. Only when marketing works well, do you get to see sales happening smoothly.

WebmailingLists offers top notch marketing solutions which are specialized in driving digital marketing leads. Here is a list of them.

Invest in these services to see how your marketing can improve by leaps and bounds. Fill up the form to give us a shout out. 

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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Data Appending- The Ripple Effect of Bad Data

Bad data is everywhere. Data decays fast, very fast. Incomplete data adds to this mess. Decayed data coupled with incomplete data sets have a rippling effect on your marketing plans. If you believe that data has a long shelf life, then we wouldn't be surprised if your growth chart looks anything but healthy.

Data appending keeps your marketing campaigns on track. Purchasing a list and then using it after a month will bring down your ROI by about 30%. Appending your list ensures that your emails reach the right contact, every time you send out a campaign. Your bounce rate increases if you do not append your data on time. This is the ripple effect we are talking about.

Use the appending services offered by WebmailingLists. Services such as email appending, phone appending and multiple contact appending are sure shot ways to boost your business, generate leads and see your marketing work well.

Call us at 866-978-6895, email us at or just fill up the form and give us a requirement. We would be happy to give you samples. 

Monday 12 August 2013

Data Management- The More You Maintain Your Data, the Better It Performs

Data management saves time and money. It is essential for an email marketer to invest wisely in good data management systems. New data is a akin to a new car. It will drive well for the first few months. Then you start seeing tell tale signs of wear and tear. The odd creek, the groan and the grunt. Your next step is to get it serviced. A complete top up and tune up works wonders. The car returns to its original condition. This is exactly what happens to data.

If you do not invest in a good data management system, like the one provided by WebmailingLists, your data will start eroding. Your email marketing metrics start to see a downward spiral. Arrest it at the earliest. Use data enhancing, segmentation, verification and management in the right measure to see how good your data can turn out.

Give us a call, mail us or just fill up the form attached to get more information about these services we offer. 

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