Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lead Generation Secrets for Effective Marketing- Part 2

In today’s economy with ever tightening marketing budgets, many companies are throwing their precious few marketing dollars into one marketing basket – Lead Generation.

While this “all-in-one basket” approach is not recommended, we do recognize the importance of sales lead generation during these times. Investing in strong direct marketing program is critical to both short-term and long-term success, and it must be well planned.

Here are the other few secrets of Lead Generation for effective marketing:

Secret #3: Create a Lead Management System: Few companies succeed in turning prospects into customers without the help of a structured lead management system, which should include telemarketing.

Secret #4: Develop a Responsible Mechanism: Capitalize on the generated market interest produced by your campaigns. Whether it’s a dedicated phone number, website, or email address, always have a responsible mechanism prior to the campaigns. Make sure your sales team is then in direct line of the response mechanism to handle all the leads.

Secret #5: Maintain Clean Database: It is obvious if you do not maintain the data, i.e. if you do not revamp, clean, or append it, then the leads will be called as “cold” or “unqualified.” Make a habit of cleaning the data, refresh it with new contacts and add missing contact details to the database. Increase your marketing dollars by targeting only the most valid, accurate, and qualified leads.

Many lead generation businesses focus on gathering leads closer to them, like family, friends, and people they know. This might not be a bad idea considering the fact that you can tell whether a certain person is interested in your venture or not. You must widen your horizon to get more and quality leads for your business growth. 

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