Sunday 15 January 2012

Email Marketing tips, tricks and Secrets

What if you got to know email tips and tricks? Isn’t it great? It’s stupendous! Email marketing small tips and tricks will be extremely wondrous for your business.

Follow these tips/tricks/secrets, whatever you name it, and see the difference in your business growth:

1.      Address recipients with their names in the mail.
2.      Avoid email marketing during holidays
3.      Create a clear Call to Action in Email marketing campaigns.
4.      Define opt-in email marketing.
5.      Do not forget the Preview Pane in your campaign.
6.      Plain or HTML text: let your recipients decide
7.      Include an easy to use unsubscription link in Newsletters
8.      Spammers can teach you a lot about email marketing: learn from them.
9.      If you use sound, make sure it’s working.
10.  Use your name in the From line.

Work on these few tips/tricks/secrets for email campaigns (for better results).

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