Tuesday 29 May 2012

Email Signature- Increase Visibility and Add Credibility

What is an email marketer trying to do? Increase business? Get across a message? Been seen and heard? These are all part of the process of email marketing. Today, visibility is like gold, rare and costly.

An email marketer has to ensure that his email is clear on what he wants to say, is easy to read and has a very clear call to action. There are various steps he can take to ensure that these are taken care of. There is a feature which can be used, but is seldom given its due credit, and that is the email signature. It is so simple that it can be overlooked, but the fact is, it is extremely effective. It packs a punch which is difficult to replicate through other means.

A sample of how a typical email signature looks like:

An email signature has to be subtle, yet eye catching, understated, yet informative. It has to be a lot more than just your name. An email signature essentially evolved from the simple terms used at the end of an email stating the senders name and his salutations. Now it has progressed into a medium of providing information over a broad range. 

Customization beyond this has to be done in a very delicate manner. After going through pains dedicating hours of man power on designing the perfect email pitch, an over bearing email signature can ruin it all. Hence some level of customization is recommended. It can include some extras such as phone numbers, physical addresses, and company logo and so on. It has to done tastefully and should have meaning to it. It cannot be over done on any counts.

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