Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Don't let your emails BOUNCE

Emails which are returned undelivered are called bounces. It can affect your IP and sender reputation immensely, so much that when it reaches a certain amount, your account can be banned!
How does one navigate this tricky issue? Listed below are some key pointers on how to weed out the errors causing bounces.

 Do not have invalid email addresses in your lists. They are parasites that infect your email campaigns.

 Do not allow any formatting errors in your emails such as invalid email addresses, typos in domain names, and so on.

 The @ sign is the symbol of email and believe it or not, it is frequently replaced by the number 2 or just plain missing!

 ESPs provide granular delivery reports. Please request for one and make sure you go through it, inside out.

 Send welcome emails to all the email addresses to track if they exist. This is by far, the best method of confirmation.

 Test the heck out of your list. It doesn't hurt to recheck, you would rather be safe than sorry. 

 Set a bounce threshold, below the threshold of your ISP. Then you can act before its too late.

 Track your delivery reports based on various criteria such as domain names, email addresses, time of sending and so on. If you see a negative pattern, hit the panic button!

 Regular updates ensure your list is clean and ready for work.

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