Thursday 12 January 2012

How can Email Marketing work for your business?

Email Marketing can be a great tool of communication for business from dental clinic to florist store, hotel, retail stores, etc. It is one of the easiest tools and your staff does not need much training to learn it. However, you should be able to understand how email marketing is effective in best ways.

We collect data through seminars, tradeshows, conferences, business meetings, workshops, etc. When you get email addresses or contacts it does not mean that they would like to receive your mails frequently. The first mail you send them should have a link which will ask their permission for future email marketing with them. This can be also considered as Opt-In Emails.

Once your customer permits for emails from your service, you can send their offers, tips on businesses, etc. Opt-in Emails which are sent will not be considered as Spam and your services will be intact.

Email Marketing can do wonders for your business. You can send bulk email campaigns at one time. But make sure you sending your email to right customers who wish to receive it. Otherwise, your emails will be marked as Spam and there will be a huge loss to the company. If you believe in multi-channel marketing, don't forget to ask their preferred channel. People who like direct mail won't respond to your emails and vice versa.

Notice, well-furnished email marketing can help build healthy relationship with customers for longer time. 

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