Friday 30 August 2013

List Management Services- It does make a difference

Keeping your data in tip top condition is a lost thought among most email marketers. It goes like this. Email campaign? Buy list, use list, end of story. REPEAT.

Managing, updating and cleansing your list is a very important process dear folks. It does save you a ton of money and allows your list to get better in time, and not the other way round.

Here’s a list of what you need to do when you are thinking of list management services, and it is always wiser to use a combination of these for maximum effect.
  1. APPENDING - Add email addresses, SIC, Industry Code, annual revenue, no. of employees etc.
  2. CLEANSING - Records verified through an automated and manual process. Removing discrepancies like salutation, spelling, formatting, and repeated records
  3. SEGMENTATION - Get a database loaded with targeted leads based on your customer profile
  4. VERIFICATION - Validate each and every data through email and telephone to make your list more productive

    WebmailingLists offers these services and you can contact us via the form provided to get a quote.

Happy Email Marketing!
Image credit: Maciej Frolow

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