Monday, 12 March 2012

Double opt-in emails. The smartest way to stay away from spam traps

Using double opt- in emails is a suitable and efficient way of avoiding spam traps. It is also very helpful in increasing the efficiency of the email marketing process.

What is double opt- in emails and how does it fit into the picture.

Any email marketer worth his salt will vouch for the permission marketing premise. It is very important that you get permission for sending email alerts to any client you may have. For this there is the subscribe option. In fact, purists say it is a must have in any email marketing message you send across. This ensures that there are no loop holes in the strategy. It also adds immense value to your actions.

Double opt-in email is an email action that comes in just after the subscribe button is hit. It is sent out to confirm the subscription. This feature has the following effects:

·        Ensures that the subscription is not fake.

·        Makes the task of creating a verified email list much easier.

·        The list which is created is genuine with hundred percent deliveries guaranteed.     
·        It is the single safest way to stay away from being spam trapped.

·       Creates an atmosphere of trust. The client will remember your brand because you found it necessary to get back to them for confirmation.

Webmailinglists provides one of the most comprehensive mailing lists on the internet. This along with opt-in emails will make your mailing campaign a success. 

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