Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lead generation- Quality focused strategy

For an email marketer, sending emails in the thousands does not mean he will get business immediately. To do this, there are certain practices which he has to adopt. Lead generation through email marketing can be a potential gold mine only if hard work is put in.

Ø  Personalization of list
Ø  Management and segmentation of list according to various criteria
Ø  Utilizing in house lists to the maximum

An email marketer’s weapon is his email list. Using the above mentioned strategies, one is able to bring down bounce rates, increase visibility, and avoid spam traps and so on.

In a recent survey on email, 74% of survey respondents check their email daily and 22% check 3-6 days a week. Across all age, gender, education and other demographic groups. 58% believe Spam has increased. 

When an email is sent to a prospective client, he has to be interested in reading it. Making an email campaign suitable for easy viewership is one of the top priorities. After that the next best thing to do is not send bulk mail. It puts off any client in the long run.

Quality leads are those which open the emails which you have sent them, read them, and opt for the offer that you have put forth. These offers may be different for different clients.
Opt in emails are very strong means of ensuring that your lead gets converted to business. 

When a prospective client wishes to receive further communication from you, he will subscribe to it. This means that he is giving you explicit consent to email him. This is a quality lead generated. 

Honoring opt out requests also ensures CAN SPAM compliance. 73% of retailers sent no more emails after receiving an opt-out request. 

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