Friday, 21 September 2012

Incomplete Database Means Lost Business

An email list without complete contact information is like working on an engine without proper tools. You may get the job done, but it will not be a good one, and it will take a longer period of time. When an email campaign is rolled out, your mailing list is your entry pass into inboxes. If this list is lacking data, you are denied permission, its quiet simple as that.

Dataappending gets the job done, effectively. What it does is, checks the database for contacts information and their completeness. Master databases are used to cross check entries and update them. The contacts which are incomplete are then updated through various means. Email and phone verification come into the picture ensures correctness of the contacts.  

Your benefits are twofold. The mailing list is enhanced, updated and additional information is added, and all contacts are checked for validity and usage. Another best practice which ensures that you are CAN-SPAM compliant is the usage of opt in emails. This ensures the safety of your email campaign, its legitimacy and lowers spam counts tremendously.

Appending has multiple benefits, and hence needs to be an integral part of your email campaign.

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