Thursday, 6 September 2012

Email Marketing ROI Highest Among All Marketing Tools

A popular report on the ROI generating factor of various marketing tools has once again validated the power of email marketing. With an astounding $28.50 it trumps traditional marketing tools such as direct mail which is at a measly $7.
With such proven data, and easily recognizable benefits, email marketing needs to be one of the most used marketing methods. An email marketer has many worries. He has to deal with the inherent issues of the email marketing sector such as spam, unsolicited mailings and so on. They have caused a serious dent in the reputation of genuine email marketers. Creating a positive image, being original, upfront and to the point are some of the qualities that a professional and serious email marketer looking to do good business should inculcate.
 Best practices of the email marketing sector:
  •   Using Permission based email campaigns.
  •  Keeping the message true to your offering.
  •   Strict compliance to anti spamming laws.
  •   Respecting unsubscribe requests out right and honestly.

These are difficult to stand by and incorporate, but it makes all the difference if you are looking to generate some serious business from email marketing. Since there are so many ways to bypass these, bulk of email marketers resort to it. Building a good reputation, be it on the internet or in real life, requires a lot of effort, and breaking it, requires one single bad move. So to ensure that you get a piece of the $28.50 revenue, stick to these standards, they will never disappoint you. 

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