Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Prepackaged lists for instant email campaigns

Prepackaged lists are designed to deliver top end contact information, built precisely for a specific purpose and are solid and robust in their make. Prepackaged lists make away with cumbersome database building activities. With criteria which is predetermined, prepackaged lists developed by WebmailingLists is one of the biggest selling lists in our product range.
A unique advantage you get from this type of list is, it is already verified and confirmed. Normally, data decays at a constant rate. It needs to be updated. With a prepackaged list, the data is always collated only after it goes through a data check and cleans up. This, in addition to the criteria, makes it a sure way of netting new prospects. WebmailingLists specializes in this sort of list process. These lists can be used as soon as they are purchased or rented. They find use for immediate tele-calling, direct mailing and email marketing.

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