Thursday, 8 August 2013

Multiple List Types for Targeted Email Campaigns

Every now and then, we hear marketers saying, I wish I got more from my email lists. This is generally a broad statement with no seeming basis to give an answer, but it does provide opportunities to ask probing questions. What does a marketer really mean when he/she says, I wish I got more?
Email marketing is tricky, and the old adage, you’re as good as your weakest link, works very well here. If you are sending out campaigns to every Tom, Dick and Harry in town, for a service only Harry really needs, we got bad news for you.
The data industry and its tools have evolved with time and need. Targeted email marketing has transformed from being a luxury to a common occurrence. Variously segmented lists are available today that allow these campaigns to work their magic. These segmented lists are the answer to the question. The ‘more’ means a highly segmented list. It offers email marketers the opportunity to run campaigns which are specific and reach the right folks.
WebmailingLists is a pioneer in the database marketing arena. One of the biggest selling components in our range of products/services is the list services division. Here is a breakup of different list services we offer. Prepackage List   -                Your Tool to Rev Campaigns Instantly Custom List   -                         Get the List That Fits Your Bill Perfectly Technology List   -                 Target Professionals from Any Technical Sphere LinkedIn List   -                       Access Professionals across Various Industrial Domains Social Media List   -               Harness the Power of Social Media to Improve ROI Importer-Exporter List   -   Pin-Point Your Target Market in the Manufacturing Industry

Every list is segmented with various criteria. It is cleansed, de-duped and does not contain any duplicates. We have a master database which is used to cleanse these lists, periodically.
Enhance your marketing capabilities by using list services offered by WebmailingLists.

Fill up the form and ask us for a data card. We would be obliged. You can also ask us for quotes, we’ll give you the best!

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