Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lead generation: Specialized tools

Landing pages

Specific landing pages speed up the entire process of email marketing. A non specific landing page increases the amount of effort that the visitor has to put in order to navigate through the home page and then address the call to action.

Visitors will lose interest rapidly if they are made to search for matter. Designing specific landing pages backing up a very strong call to action, placed at prominent places in the email is a priority. A lead will remember you for the ease with which he could find his way through the website and not how attractive the home page is.  

Personalized listings

When a doctor receives a marketing email from a company which specializes in hospital diagnostic equipment, the click through and open rates are high. If this same mail reaches a restaurant owner, it is almost nil. Hence the more personalization on the list, the more the client will click through and have a look at the services on offer.

It is possible to send across specific deals, offers and so on to customers who will actually use them. This decreases the amount of emails sent, increases the click through rate, decreases the time spent on avoiding spam traps and increases ROI.


By segmenting the list, we are able to track the performance of the email campaign. Measurability is a very important tool here. If we are able to quantify the amount of traffic that the email campaign has brought to the website, then half the work is done. A systematic approach to list building and segmentation achieves this goal.

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