Monday, 16 April 2012

Email Marketing Etiquettes for Newbies:

Do you know there are some to be followed before going online through email marketing? Are you following the proper inbound email marketing etiquettes? Check out the following etiquettes, if you are then well and good if not then don’t waste time:

Obtain permission first: It is very important to take permissions from your potential and new prospects before sending out the emails. If you don’t have permissions then your emails will be deleted or will be as spam.

Don’t purchase contacts for your database: it is not against law to purchase contact list, as these contacts have opted in to receive emails. But these contacts specifically did not mention which and what kind of service they are interested in.

Don’t Spam your List: Do not send viral messages which can be listed as spam. There is a fine line between sending enough mails and spamming emails. Be careful when you send your emails to your list of contacts.

Make it Easy for Recipients to Unsubscribe: In your emails make sure you have added an unsubscribe option. If the recipients do not wish to subscribe your emails they easily can unsubscribe. Make the unsubscribe process simpler and easier; do not scowl to unsubscribe your services.

Leave out SPAM trigger words:  The words you use to persuade recipients to click on it, will be filtered and directly thrown in Spam folder. Do not CAPTALIZE your words in the subject line.

These are few email etiquettes to be remembered by a newbie. There are lot more email do’s and don’ts. 

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